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Silicone Sealant GunSilicone and Grout VanGlasgow’s only specialist silicone sealant replacement service, including: grout replacement,  and grout cleaning .



Maybe your silicone sealant (sometimes called mastic or caulk) or grout is past it’s best and you’ve decided to have it replaced. Perhaps you are thinking of marketing your property to sell or rent it, and want to ensure that prospective clients are not put off by mouldy silicone sealant and dirty grout around your shower tray or bath?

Leaking shower trays and baths  can prove costly if the silicone sealant is not attended to promptly. Perhaps you have considered the DIY approach (applying silicone sealant and getting a good looking leak free finish is tricky and time consuming) to replacing your silicone sealant and resealing your shower, but have been put off by the hassle or time constraints.  Whatever the reason, “Silicone King” are very pleased to be able to offer a premium silicone sealant and grout replacement service throughout Glasgow. We are customer focused and only use the best top quality silicone sealants with mildew inhibitors. If you decide to use our services, we can ensure you that you will not be disappointed – please check out our guarantee and testimonials.

Leaking Silicone and Grout? Black & Mouldy?

Spent thousands on your kitchen/bathroom/shower room or tiles?

  • Don’t let mouldy silicone sealant & grout spoil it.
  • Amateurly applied silicone sealant spoils the finish to any room.
  • Professionally applied Silicone Sealant can really add that finishing touch.
  • Does your Silicone Sealant have “The Seal of Approval”?!

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Our Guarantee

100% satisfaction guaranteedWe guarantee hassle-free, top notch customer service.  If you are not 100% happy with our work, we promise to return free of change to rectify any issues with our sealant or grout. Read more