Grout Services in Glasgow

“Nothing lets down a bathroom more than mouldy or discoloured grout and sealant”

Advantages compared with replacing tiles:

Consider – do you need to replace your tiles? If not, then read on!

Grout Cleaning – Grout Replacement

Grouting between tiles will usually deteriorate, and discolour over time, spoiling the look of your shower or bathroom, whilst the tiles will probably retain their original good looks. The overall effect can be very distracting, giving the impression that your tiles all need replaced, when all that is required is for the grout to be renewed / replaced or rejuvenated.


There is no need for you to know “how to clean tile grout”, as “cleaning grout” is a tedious job, and Glasgow’s “Silicone King” have the knowledge, specialist tools, and processes ( grout cleaning | grout replacement) to be able to provide a bathroom to be proud of at a fraction of the cost of tile replacement, and without the hassle for our clients. The whole job is achieved in one or two days, without the need to remove and replace the installation, and the customer will have full use of the shower again within a mere 48hours.

Not all tiles are suitable for grout removal/replacement due to the softness of the tile and the thinness of the glaze or the tile design, which can result in the edges becoming chipped. Under these circumstances the only solution is chemical cleaning.

Water leaks related to tile grout

The cause of water leaking through tile grout joints is usually due to movement in the walls or weakened tile grout due to the age of the grout. Failure of tile grout allows water to seep behind the tiles and cause the adhesive to fail. The tiles will sound hollow if knocked lightly indicating such a failure has occurred – the tiles may protrude from the surrounding tiles, as if they are being pushed away from the wall. The only thing that may be holding the tiles to the wall is the grout between the tiles!!


Currently Glasgow’s “Silicone King’s” grout services are restricted to shower and bathroom walls only.

(Mosaic style tiles are not suitable for grout replacement because of their size,  due to the time taken it would not be economical for the customer,  – cleaning the grout may be the solution).

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