Silicone Sealant Photos

Glasgow Silicone Sealant Photos.

The photographs clearly illustrate the improvement that new silicone sealant can make to a bath or shower for what is a relatively small outlay – especially important if you are trying to sell or let a property.

Grout colouring also clearly shows the difference that it too can make to discoloured or mouldy grout.

Please view the “before and after” photos – we would recommend that you double click on the images to get a clearer picture:

Dirty Black Silicone Before ReplacementNew Silicone Sealant in walk in shower
Silicone SealantSealant Before Around Taps
Mouldy Bath Sealant before removalBath Sealant After Replacement
Bath Sealant BeforeBath Sealant After
Shower Vertical BeforeShower Vertical After
Bathroom Floor BeforeBathroom floor coloured grey grout
Shower Sealant Before RemovalShower Sealant After
Poor Quality SiliconeShower Cubicle with New Sealant
Shower tray beforeShower Tray With New Silicone Sealant
Silicone Sealant BeforeStart of removal
Fresh Silicone SealantAlmost removed