Proper Ventilaton

In order for the silicone sealant guarantee against mould to be valid (see mould guarantee details below), proper ventilation of the room is necessary (including being fitted with a fully functioning humidistat extractor fan that meets current building regulations), as mildew, mould and bacteria thrive in a warm, damp atmosphere. Proper ventilation is essential in order to reduce these high humidity conditions.


Silicone King recommend cleaning of the silicone at least as frequently as once a week using a damp cloth and a cream cleaner such as “CIF” using a light rubbing action and then rinse off. Avoid the use of spray cleaners as these contain chemicals that may have a detrimental effect on the anti mould properties of the silicone sealant and may even discolour the sealant – if this was the case Silicone King would have no liability.

Beading Style Seals or Flexible Strips

regretably, “Silicone King” cannot guarantee a leak free finish to the silicone sealant where beading style seals, or flexible strips are being used. In our experience, these type of seals tend not to be watertight, are problematic, and where possible are best removed .