Removing and Replacing Silicone Sealant from Baths, Showers etc.

The short answer is probably “NO”. Glasgow’s “Silicone King” has calculated that if you require to buy the tools and a quality sealant, then the cost would be in the region of upwards of £50 for a one off job, this does not include your time spent sourcing the silicone and tools. If you offset the cost of the tools against asking “Silicone King” to undertake the job, then it’s unlikely you will save any money. In fact it will be easier and cheaper to contract us for the job, see our Peace of Mind Fixed Pricing”.

Silicone King usually take between one and two hours to reseal a shower or bath, problematic installations sometimes three hours. If doing it yourself, you will require to set aside time to purchase the tools and materials, and then allow a minimum of two to three hours to do the job properly if you’re new to removing and replacing silicone. So, assuming it’s a straight forward job, and you’ve never attempted re-sealing your bath or shower tray, then you should think about setting aside a good four to five hours.

Silicone King have a range of tools to safely remove and apply silicone sealant. If you decide to do it youself you will require to remove all the old silicone, especially if it is mouldy, as the existing mould will be transferred to new silicone and it will go black. In order to remove the old silicone sealant you may have to cut and scrape it away, you will require to be careful in order not to scratch the surfaces. An alternative could be to use a chemical silicone remover but this is messy, it may still require the silicone to be scraped off and is very time consuming to use (you may need to wait two to three hours for it to dissolve the old silicone dependant on thickness, and you may require to reapply more than once).

There are lots of silicone sealants on the market, but they vary from very cheap to quite expensive. “Silicone King” only use the expensive variety, because they offer a higher level of protection against leaks and mould. “Silicone King” prefer proprietory brands of silicone sealant that have “Microban” or “SteriTouch” technology, and with additives that offer proptection against germs such as E-Coli, MRSA and Salmonella.

For the DIYer trying to seal a leaking shower tray or bath can be difficult applying the silicone sealant to get a water tight professional finish. It may look as if you have covered the area requiring to be sealed with silicone, but have you managed to get the silicone into the gaps between the tiles and the bath, or shower, to ensure that it’s leak free? There are techniques in applying the silicone that ensure that the gaps between the tiles and shower tray, or bath, are fully filled with sealant. Customers  choose to use the services of “Silicone King” to ensure a guaranteed leak free finish.