The History of Glasgow’s “Silicone King”

Specialist silicone sealant and grouting service.

where the client fails to give two full working day’s notice to cancel or re-arrange the job, “Silicone King” reserve the right to charge the client for the full cost of the pre-booked job (as if the job had been completed as per the booking), plus any materials that may have been specially ordered for the job.

Silicone and Grout Van
Silicone Sealant Gun

What is Silicone (Caulk) Sealant?

Newly applied silicone caulk is a sealant with a tooth paste like consistency, and dries to a rubbery like finish. Typically silicone is used to seal sanitary fittings, but can be used anywhere that a waterproof seal is required between two non porous items where good adhesion can be achieved. Normally silicone comes in clear or white, but is available in a small range of alternative colours.

Silicone offers great flexibility while providing a waterproof seal. It is able to allow for natural expansion and contraction of adjoining substrates, and is therefore a great product for using around shower trays and baths etc. Alternative caulks/sealants do not offer this level of flexibility, which results in cracking, and consequently poor levels of waterproofing.

The only major drawback of silicone is that it cannot be over-painted, as the silicone contains oil which prevents the paint from bonding.