The Service

Glasgow’s Professional Sealant & Grout Replacement Svc.

Specialist Technicians

  • Focused on customer service

  • Trained to carefully remove mouldy silicone & grout and expertly reapply

  • Clean sharp finish

  • Save Money – avoid regular replacement

  • Leak Free

  • Fully Insured


  • Specialist tools for removal of silicone & grout

  • Area cleaned and disinfected prior to application

  • Removal of black mouldy silicone & grout

  • Ensures silicone will adhere properly

  • Minimises opportunity for bacteria to gain a new hold

  • Maximises adhesion of new silicone


  • Specialist tools & chemicals for the application of silicone and grout

  • Apply long life sealants

  • Access to awkward areas

  • Increased effectiveness of new seal

  • Clean sharp finish

  • Leak Free*


  • Quality silicone sealants

  • Suitable for hospitals

  • Only proprietory silicone sealants containing a fungicide to resist mould are applied

  • Protects against bacteria growth, MRSA, E. Coli and Salmonella


  • All work guaranteed

  • Guaranteed* Mould free

“Silicone King” will respect your home by placing work sheets around the area to be cleaned including your shower or bath base to protect them. Our technician will discuss the job with you and explain fully what requires to be done.

A technician from “Silicone King” will appraise the room and advise if additional ventilation in the room is necessary. Your technician will carefully remove the old silicone and/or grout using special tools and chemicals, or a combination of both. If necessary your technician will use a wet and dry vacuum to remove debris and moisture and then use hot air to dry the area. Once “Silicone King” are confident that all surfaces are in order, the silicone technician will apply a mould and shrink resistant sealant, leaving the thinnest possible bead of silicone that will ensure a watertight seal – it’s not the quantity of silicone applied but the quality.

Other Issues

In a few number of cases, problems with sealing the item are caused by unstable basins, baths or shower trays that are not fixed to wall or floor adequately, or by tiles that are cracked or loose, or faulty grout that is cracked or missing. If that is the case you may have more serious issues, and your technician will advise you of any remedial action that may be necessary.