How to Remove and Replace Silicone Sealant around a Bath or Shower

Considering replacing the silicone sealant around your bath or shower?

Silicone Sealant is one of those jobs that people tend to put off until tomorrow thinking it doesn’t really matter, often with costly implications. Resealing a bathroom or shower tray is a job that requires attention to detail. It is time consuming and difficult to do get a professional water tight finish.

Learning how to remove and replace the silicone sealant around your bath or shower tray cannot be done overnight, it is only after many attempts that you will achieve a professional leak free finish, time after time.

For silicone sealant removal

For silicone sealant removal you will need to purchase a stanley knife or similar, a scraper, a specialist silicone removal tool, and silicone remover which can be found in a paint on form, an aerosol type or catridge type – you will require to test it on a small area before liberally applying. You will require to work carefully in order not to damage any surfaces or cut yourself, and if using silicone remover you may require to apply several coats over a period of a few hours.
Silicone and Grout Van

For silicone sealant replacement

For silicone sealant replacement you need to purchase protective gloves, a silicone gun, the correct silicone applicator tools, – there are a variety of different sets on the market, choose the set that’s right for the area of application, and finally you need a high quality silicone sealant – you should budget to spend at least £10 – £12 on a cartridge of silicone sealant, do not buy a cheap type at a couple pounds. Right, you’ve got all your tools having spent around £50 , you’re ready to go. Ensure that all surfaces are completely dry and cleaned of all soap residue, body fats, mould etc. Once you have prepared the area you can now apply the silicone sealant.

Carefully apply the silicone in a continuous even bead along the edges, and then stand back and admire!? Is it looking good, or is it a mess?? If it’s a mess, best to remove it, and start all over again, alternatively you could call “Silicone King”, who’ll do it all for much same the price as you’ve invested in materials and tools!!.

You might need to experiment on your own, and you may also refer to our problems section below.

You have probably tried a tradesman like a Glasgow Plumber to get your bath or shower resealed with silicone sealant, but perhaps he’s not interested, either because it’s too small a job, or he’s just not very good with silicone, anyway you’ve decided that maybe D.I.Y. could be the solution, so what are the pitfalls?

Problems encountered when resealing a bath or shower?

The amateur, may consider the following issues when replacing silicone sealant:-

By the time you’ve invested in the tools and materials, it would have been cheaper and a whole lot easier just to call Silicone King 0141 357 4298